Our Resources section is aimed at providing candidates with vital employment tools and informing Clients of industry news

Industry News

We love to keep abreast of what is going on in the big scary world around us. Check in with us to see the latest feeds from our favourite news hot spots....
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Position Descriptions

Who's Who in the Zoo, and what do they do? What on earth is a suit? A creative? A tech? What magic do they bring to the party and what should you be asking for when you go to market to find talent. Here is the Respect list of position descriptions and the functions for each.
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Resume Templates

Your resume is the wrapper for your career, it is the enticing "buy now" packaging that prompts a company to want to sit down with you and work out if you can help each other make beautiful music together. In this section we have condensed some useful hints and tips from our experience in what makes a good resume, as well as resources / guides from people who's opinions we value.
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How-to Guides

Interviewing, Resigning, dealing with a counter offer, putting together a portfolio, researching companies you would like to be part we have a resource base which contains some useful guides to take the confusion out of the process that is recruitment. Come back often - we will be adding resources regularly.
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