"How to" Guides

The following "How to" Guides are aimed at helping you with some aspects of your employment needs.

Writing a Resume that gets you Job Offers


An Article on your powerful resume from www.asktheheadhunter.com a leading career management resource

Read the article here (85kb pdf)

How to Create a Successful Resume


A well-structured resume engages the reader and presents your work history in a logical and sequential order. A recruiter needs to gain a good understanding of where you worked, for how long, what was happening in each of your roles, and what skills, knowledge and experience you acquired along the way. Written by Amanda McCarthy – My Career

Read the article here (61kb pdf)

Respect Resume Template

Word Doc

Free CV template to download with important points to remember.

Read the article here (54kb pdf)

How to Write a Professional Cover Letter


A Cover Letter is ammunition to bring you closer to getting a personal connection between yourself and the role. It is usually the first introduction and therefore it is essential to make a good impression. Sending a well written cover letter with a supportive CV will bring you one step closer to landing that interview.

Read the article here (64kb pdf)

Interview Tips


10 Tips For Interview Success. Guides on preparation, body language, developing rapport and most importantly- how not to give up!

Read the article here (115kb pdf)

Dealing with a Counteroffer


A Counteroffer is what happens when you finally screw up the courage to present your resignation, and your boss won't accept it – promising instead a raft of changes, sweeteners and wonderful sounding promises if only you will stay on board.

Read the article here (59kb pdf)


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