Candidate Respect

The owners and founders of Respect - Search & Selection have been in the job market too. We know how frustrating searching for the right job can be - and we also know the empty feeling that often comes along with dealing with a lot of recruitment firms - as a candidate you feel you have been 'processed' - often by someone who obviously has no clue what you do.

We are a business first and foremost - but our values and motivation for launching the business are dear to us.

We are small enough to be personal, but established enough not to have to chase every sniff of a job on the market. This means you will be given the opportunity to be considered on an equal footing for REAL jobs, not just database fodder as sometimes happens. As a candidate we will ensure you are treated with the utmost respect.

Some of our commitments to you:

  • You will always receive acknowledgment of your applications
  • You will be interviewed by someone who is fully aware of what the client is looking for in detail.
  • If you apply for a role you will be advised of your status in relation to that role at each key stage of the recruitment process. You won't be left hanging in limbo.
  • If you are interviewed by us we will ensure we have at least two opportunities for you to consider, ideally we will have three or more for you.

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