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Sydney Team

Katie Knight

Katie Knight (Founder & Managing Director )

Phone(02) 9211 2515

Alex Hamilton

Alex Hamilton (Specialist Consultant )

Phone02 9211 2515

Mobile0420 985 344

Fax02 9356 2524

Alex is our low riding jean, tight top and sneaker wearing pom who is as English as they come but with his fake tan, perfectly coiffed hair, waxed chest, beach side pad and muscles he could be straight out of the OC.

You will catch Alex either running, surfing, doing Freddy Mercury impressions or eating a pack of chocolate biscuits a day (don't ask him to share). He loves his food and alongside photographing everything he eats he can't stop taking photos of Harry the office dog (who by the way is the only one he shares those biscuits with)

Having worked in the industry himself Alex takes particular care to listen to your needs,treat everyone with high professionalism and actually understand what you do! Alex specialises in Search Marketing, both paid and organic, Media Planning and Buying, Advertising operations, campaign management and trafficking, Affiliate marketing, client side online marketing, digital media sales, web analytics and media strategy.

Amelie Vo Xuan

Amelie Vo Xuan (Specialist Consultant )

Phone02 9211 2515

Mobile0420 426 610

Fax02 9356 2524

Amelie is our international award winning Technical specialist who we shipped over from France to join the team here at Respect.

Amelie has been working in Digital Media/Technical recruitment for nearly a quarter of her life and has a Masters Degree to back up her passion for her area of expertise.

What you don't know about our pint sized professional is that she can play piano like Gaga, eat more macaroons in one go than Matt Preston and has a love for horses which unfortunately she can't find anywhere in the frozen aisle of Coles.


David Cooney

David Cooney (Specialist Consultant)

Phone+61 2 9211 2515

David (known to all as Dave) is a fun loving Irish guy who has joined us to focus on the digital media & marketing space. Dave has a number of years recruiting experience working on executive roles. His approach has been described as very refreshing within the industry. He has joined us from a client side marketing exec role.

Dave is sport mad & can always be found watching some form of sport. He has yet to get used to the ozzie weather & is still mostly some shade between white & red on any given day.

Backed by a Masters in Marketing, he has a good focus & is very affable to both clients & candidates. He has a great belief in relationship building with all.

Harry Bates

Harry Bates (Director First Impressions, Sydney )

Harry is the real heart of Respect in Sydney (and to be honest, probably the best looking member of the team). With gorgeous green eyes, freckles a nice wet nose and a winning smile Harry is able to provide real warmth and a happy greeting to those who come to visit us at Respect HQ, Surry Hills. In spite of belief otherwise - he is actually a real person.

Is this You? Become a Respectarian - Contact Katie

Is this You? Become a Respectarian - Contact Katie

Phone(02) 9211 2515





2012 - Respect needs YOU!

We set the bar high for our staff and only recruiting the best quality individuals, people who really have a passion for what we are all about and can offer real value as a trusted advisor. In exchange we offer a working environment that whilst not all corporate polished chrome and stiff smiles, is sincere and professional.

We only want to work with "real" people who come with a deep understanding of both digital media and recruitment.

We have some exceptionally bright and motivated people here who are building a great future for themselves. Do you want to join us?

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