What We're About

We don't go glassy eyed when you get into the nitty gritty of what you do – we are actually interested! We aren't necessarily an expert in what you do specifically (if we were, we would probably be doing it ourselves) but what we do is match the right person with the right job – in all aspects; skills, personality and aspirations.

Respect – Search & Selection is a digital media recruitment agency that was established on the premise that all participants in the recruitment process are valuable and deserving of being treated with respect, not just the clients who pay the bills. We became frustrated with an industry we felt was de-humanising what is, essentially, a people business and took steps to change it.

As recruitment and search industries have matured, and particularly since process of appling for jobs has become so easy, the value of the candidate seems to have been diminished in many organisations. This creates frustration for all concerned and results in diminished trust.

We have:

  • Skilled and Experienced Recruiters – people who have actually DONE things in their lives, not vacuous talking heads.
  • State of the Art Technology – our database and CRM tools have been designed with a knowledge of what works, and what doesn't from a customer service perspective. This results in a better service for all concerned.
  • A reputation for delivery against promises – Our recruitment team members are all experienced and well known in their respective areas of focus.
  • An excellent network of candidates, clients and key contacts – speeding up the search process for both clients and candidates. Advertising is a component – but search is where the best people are found.
  • PASSION – this is the key... everyone involved with Respect is passionate about what they do, the service they deliver and the footprints they leave in life.